Udemy Black Friday Sale is live at the moment. This global Udemy sale went live starting from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong, ...

Udemy Black Friday - Get any course at $9.99 today

udemy black friday Sale 2022

Udemy Black Friday Sale is live at the moment. This global Udemy sale went live starting from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Hongkong, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and spreading everywhere with the time. Now it is live in Australia, New Zealand, India and all the other countries where the date is November 22, 2023.

Update: The Udemy black friday sale is now active globally, whether you are in USA, Canada, Mexico or from Norway, Switzerland or anywhere on earth, you will see the lowest price possible for all udemy online courses.

With this event price of 204,000+ courses has come down to the lowest ever to $9.99 or equivalent in your country worldwide. Anyone from anywhere can leverage this black friday discount. The offer will be available simultaneously to everyone unlike some other sales that Udemy runs throughout the year.

Featured course: 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp

The usual price point, the lowest in USD is $9.99, and we are getting the same price this year as well for the US. 

Considering the growth of the website from last year, we can easily say that, this offer is long awaited by the learners! So, keep an eye on this post, we will soon be sharing the details with you all.

Note: If you are not from the US, you see equivalent or the lowest price according to your country

More About Udemy Black Friday Sale

The Udemy Black Friday sale is the flagship sale around Udemy. During this sale, the price of all Udemy courses goes down to the lowest globally. 

Start Date: 22, November
Ends On: 25th of November
Special Price: $9.99 or equivalent in your Currency
Discount Applies: Worldwide

Therefore, go ahead and leverage the offer now, save up to 97% with this offer. Last year, this offer was hit, the sale of courses sky rocketed, more than ever. 

This is the offer students wait for throughout the year. Last year, some of our team members wish-listed a few courses beforehand and bought the moment sale went live.

If you are not from USA, you will see the lowest price according to your currency. Rest assured, everyone gets an opportunity to grab Udemy courses at the lowest price ever during Black Friday sale.

Hot Udemy topics one should pick:

Best Udemy Courses to buy in Black Friday Sale

The following is a list of some of the best Udemy courses across popular categories. See if you like to enroll in any of then to enhance your resume:

  • The Complete Web Development Bootcamp - (View here)
  • Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass - (View here)
  • Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (View here)
  • The Complete Unity Developer course by Ben Tristem (View here)
  • Most Popular Photoshop Course by Manfred Werner (View here)
  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course by ermin Kreponic (View here)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect by Ryan Kroonenburg (View here)
  • Photoshop Beginners Mastery: Zero to Hero in Photoshopby Dr Chad Neuman (View here)
  • An Entire MBA in one Course by Proffessor Chris Haroun (View here)
  • Build 21 iOS Apps with this course by Rob Percival (View here)
  • Learn to make and market apps for Android 7 by Rob Percival and Marc Stock (View here)
  • MS Excel – From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours by Todd Mcleod (View here)
  • Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career by Jason Cannon (View here)
  • Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science View here
  • The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 by Rob Percival View here

What is Udemy? 

While most of you who are on this page already know about Udemy. But, those who are new to it, consider looking at the following points to better understand what they are and why they are so much in demand:

USP of Udemy:
  • An online education marketplace for learners and teachers
  • Leader of online learning space with over 100 million+ subscribers from 190+ countries
  • Over 45,000 professional instructors on board creating courses on 1000s of subjects
  • Over 210,000 online courses on the platform, second to none
  • A 100% online platform to learn from
  • Q&A sections within the course dashboard to interact with instructors directly
  • Very well structured curriculum
  • No hidden costs, they charge once only for each course
  • Available across all platforms
  • Learners get Certificate of completion 
  • Lifetime access to the courses you buy

Apart from the above there are so many other reason why we highly suggest that you consider learning new skills or master existing knowledge from Udemy. As the Udemy online courses are not only affordable but of great quality as well.

Final thoughts on Udemy Black Friday Sale

Any offer that Udemy posts should be seen as an opportunity to learn new skills. We spend a lot of money of junk food and stuff that we really don't need. If we make the right decisions in life, things do go well. This is the best investment, go ahead and buy a course today, all you are spending is just $9.99 to acquire a skill that can get you a job worth thousands of dollars.

Leverage the lowest ever discount for Udemy online courses through black friday sale and start learning. If you know someone who should see this, don't forget to share the offer with them.

If you can, gift some courses to your friends and family, help them shape up their future.

Whether you are from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Urguay, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Fiji, Denmark, Sweden, UAE or anywhere in the world, the Udemy black friday price automatically applies to you. Therefore, without pondering much, consider enrolling in Udemy self paced courses and start learning new skills.

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